A Seaman's Quest

One man's search for truth


Rule of Life

A rule of life is a strategic plan for a lifestyle of personal transformation. It seeks to outline how time will be invested to engage in all of the areas that are important for spiritual growth and development.

At the heart of the rule of life is a deep desire to experience God. This is primarily about learning to Receive God's Love and Give Love to others.

The rule of life outlines activities that are crucial to development. It addresses four key aspects of the spiritual life: Prayer, Rest, Relationships, Work. Each of the areas have activities that support the overall goals.

A regular review of each area is required to keep the plan consistent with the invitation of the Spirit for my life. I intend to develop each of these aspects into set of objectives that outline my understanding of God's intent for my life. Here is a sample of the highest level in my rule of life.


Moving toward Transformation


Moving toward Enjoyment


Moving toward Connection


Moving toward Serving