A Seaman's Quest

One man's search for truth


Quest for Understanding

Life Stages and Quests

I believe that there are four stages that people progress through as they age. Each stage is driven by a quest. At its core, a quest is defined by asking the question, "Who am I ?". As our life circumstances change, we ask the same question in a different way at each stage.

Each of these quests must be fulfilled in order to be successful at that stage of life. Sadly many people get struck somewhere along the way and do not finish well. My goal has always been to life my entire life to the limit of my capability.

For example:

It is impossible to embark on a more complex quest when the earlier quests have not yet been completed. To progress through life I must address the issues of Belonging, Success, Purpose, and Understanding. I believe that is what a meaningful and complete life looks like.

Quest for Understanding

I am now in the fourth quarter of my life, and am in full pursuit of the fourth quest. I have been interested in trying to gain understanding my whole life, but it has recently taken on a new urgency. I realize that my past thinking about how things works was grossly simplistic and naive. Looking for the more nuanced answers to life's big questions is my passion now.

I have always been a voracious reader and tried to develop conceptual models for the world around me. I've been consuming a number of books from the greatest minds of the present and the past. There is so much great thinking out there and I am thrilled to have more time to devote to this.

Now I feel a desire to begin writing about what I learned over the years. There are some insights and breakthrough ideas that I would love to share with others. I'm working on a book, "A Seaman's Quest: One Man's Search for Truth", to publish my best thinking. This will be a book about life philosophy.

Is it just me?

Recently, I have been working on writing down my life philosophy and attempting to describe how I think. I don't know how much of this applies to people in general, but I do know what makes me tick. Much of this could be related to the unique thought patterns that I have. There is probably some of this that is applicable to others.

Psychologists are saddled with the burden of finding universal truths that apply to all humans. I have no such burden. In my quest for understanding I will constrain myself to know what is true for me. In your quest, you will have to evaluate whether you think the same or differently.

Humility and honesty are required to gain any true understanding. Too much of my life has been lived in denial and self-justification. Now I am ready to admit what is true in my life even when it is painful. Furthermore, I am ready to share it with others in hopes that they may benefit. This is part of my quest: to learn and share what is true.

I don't expect you to agree with everything I write. You may simply be different and think differently. That's OK. I'm just committed to share what I believe to be true with honesty and humility. I hope that you can benefit from my exploration of life's issues.

Juggling Roles

I've juggled multiple roles my whole life. Both my career roles and family roles have been quite demanding and managing the balance between activities has been quite challenging.

I thought it would be interesting to reflect on all of the different career roles that I have devoted my life to. I have always been juggling multiple competing goals. In fact, my contentment and satisfaction has been directly tied to my ability to find balance between the different roles.

As a thought experiment, I listed my career roles and the experience that I have had in each. Obviously, there is a lot of double counting for multiple roles done throughout my 42 year adult life.

Career as Wise Man

I'm at a transition point in my career path. I've been thinking deeply about the next phase. I am now starting to form a picture of my ideal job. My dream job is "Wise Man". This came as a surprise; I didn't realize it was an option.

The next career for me will draw on my previous experiences. I will be attempting to combine all of the previous roles into my new role as "Wise Man". My public persona will be billed as being a writer, but I hope for so much more than that.

The career of Wise Man does not pay anything. If a Guru figures out how to monetize wisdom then they are really pursuing a different career path as as Entrepreneur. I have no interest is selling anything. Been there... done that (it was awful).

Fortunately, if our investments hold out, I will be able to devote my entire work life to the non-paying job of Wise Man. There is a possibility that I will need to get a paying job at some point, but I hope not. My desire is to offer consulting advice freely and write to share wisdom with others. Growing in understanding will be my primary responsibility for the foreseeable future.

Specific Responsibilities