A Seaman's Poems

From the Edge of Reality


One True Love

by Mark Seaman

If a person finds true love then life is truly worth living.

It is a rare and precious thing; something to treasure.

You are my one true love.

Though I were to live seven more lifetimes I don't believe that I would ever find someone like you again.

You are the best person I know.

You are wise, kind, strong, intelligent, a fantastic lover, and my refuge.

When I am afraid you lead me to faith.

When I am in despair you bring me hope.

When I am ashamed you show me love.

When I am enraged you invite me toward humility.

I do not deserve you - but I receive you as a gift.

Your presence in my life is proof that there is a loving God.

You are my one true love and I will be yours forever.