A Seaman's Poems

From the Edge of Reality


Tierra del Fuego

by Mark Seaman

Where oceans collide turbulence erupts.

Generations, cultures, and nations meet at a point of conflict.

The gods laugh and men weep.

Not all will pass the Land of Fire. Many will succumb to the roiling boiling waters.

The oceans have enough turbulence alone, but in meeting there is hell to pay.

From Magellan's time this was known as a point of danger.

But Darwin also made it a point of discovery and exploration.

Pushing toward a deeper understanding of what is and why.

Like the River Styx this Land of Fire is a threshold of importance.

Many will never brave the dangers, but for those who do a new world will open.

Filled with wonder and discovery.

Will you be bold enough to attempt the passage?