A Seaman's Poems

From the Edge of Reality



by Mark Seaman

After the long night a new day dawns. The deep darkness meets with a growing glow in the east.

Despair yields to Hope and Fear to Faith. The cycle repeats itself, nature runs its course.

During the night it appears that there may be no more day. That time in my life is gone forever. Darkness has come to stay.

Then I notice the glow in the east. Within minutes the sky shows wonderfully subtle pastels.

Maybe, just maybe, I could survive, or even thrive. It is too soon to get my hopes up.

The light grows, but I look to the west and there is still a great darkness. I recall the pain of the night; perhaps this is just a trick.

Maybe today will be different, maybe there will be no sun. But no, that does not seem likely; the sun has never failed to rise.

Pain has engulfed my life. Darkness has come to stay. Waves of Sadness, Fear, Anger, and Shame have threatened to devour.

I look to the east again. The sky is on fire. The intense colors reveal that something powerful is about to happen.

I begin to embrace Hope and welcome back dead Dreams. They were not dead but only sleeping during the night.
Now they reappear stronger than ever. Can I really hope again?

Suddenly without warning, an intense shaft of light removes any darkness. I look to the west where I know the darkness hides.

Nowhere to be found. Darkness cannot hide. It yields to the light of day. The memory of pain faded in the sunrise.

I find myself weeping. I fall to my knees. No longer tears of sorrow, but tears of joy. The Day has come and I am saved! The Day has come and I am made new!