A Seaman's Poems

From the Edge of Reality


The Storm is Here

by Mark Seaman

Lightning shatters the darkness

High density energy explodes into the night

Destroying trees that have stood for a hundred years

Setting fires that will consume the forrest

Anger in the night, anger in the heart

Deafening Thunder signals the end of peace

Now the threats will become real

Awake, oh sleeper, and cower in dread

The end is near

Fear in the night, fear in the heart

The Flood sweeps through from nowhere

Destroying all in its path

Dry land submerged by the deluge

Find high ground or perish in the river of tears

Sadness in the night, sadness in the heart

Hail falls in sheets - small pellets of death

So much ice falling from the sky

Destroying crops and homes

Leaving people hungry and homeless

Shame in the night, shame in the heart

The storm ends - the day breaks

I have survived

The pain of night is replaced by the relief of day

Humility, Faith, Hope, Love - all renewed once again