A Seaman's Poems

From the Edge of Reality


Step Into the Dark

by Mark Seaman

My life has been truly Blessed.
I've been Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise.
A life of Luxury and Privilege.
Constant Glory and wild Success.

How I wish the Illusion was true.
But the truth of My Story is about Character.
Character is formed not in Light but in Darkness.
It is Pain rather than Joy that shapes who I am.

I worship Wealth, Power, and Comfort.
I desire to build an Empire of Self to glorify Me.
But the Dark Moments come uninvited and unwelcome.
The Dark brings truth through pain.

The Dark Moments crack the facade of Glory and Success.
Revealing a scared selfish child needing to be loved.
This is the birthplace of truth.
God's Mercy for a Broken Man.

Wisdom is the result of reflecting on pain.
We learn the most from the Dark Moments.
Pain is inevitable but wisdom is not.
I don't want to waste the opportunity to grow.

The Spirit invites me to embrace pain.
Past hurts that are not healed are not really past at all.
Present pain is to be embraced.
Growth comes through healing.

The Valley of Death is a meeting place with God.
Accept Death to experience Life.
Move through the Dark Moments to be resurrected.
The darkness reveals both the Lie and the Truth.

Step Into the Dark!!