A Seaman's Poems

From the Edge of Reality


Something Old, Something New

by Mark Seaman

The mystery of joy is ...

Something Old, Something New, Comfort me and Excite me too.

Human's are motivated by some basic needs

Biologically our brain needs predictability

This fuels our pursuit of safety, security, comfort, and control

We must feel that we can confidently predict what will happen next

Biologically our brain needs novelty

This drives our pursuit of excitement, new ideas, new experiences, and relationships.

We must have enough variety to stimulate our brains or they atrophy

Both predictability and novelty are a part of our happiness

Lacking either will cause us to fall into dismay

But how much we need of each depends on our age and life situations

When we are young we tend to crave excitement over security

As we age we favor security over excitement

When we are under stress we tend to crave excitement over security

When we are at peace we favor security over excitement

Finding the appropriate balance for right here and right now is the key to happiness!