A Seaman's Poems

From the Edge of Reality


Running on Empty

by Mark Seaman

There is nothing but fumes in the tank but I’m not going to stop for gas.

Only weaklings pull off the highway before they reach the destination.

But not me … pedal to the metal … full speed ahead.

I have a "can do" attitude and always give 110%.

When I’m injured I just walk it off. 

I refuse to acknowledge pain since that will only slow me down.

Nothing can harm me — I am invincible.

Others take time to reflect and recharge but this is a luxury that I could never afford.

I’m doing important, critical, vital, crucial, and pivotal things.

And lots of them, certainly more than anyone else.  I wonder why others do so little.

I am already so busy with all of the business, and busy buzzing.

I never let up and feel like I'm moving 100 miles per hour.

Then I hit the wall … fade to black.