A Seaman's Poems

From the Edge of Reality


Solving the Riddle of Life

by Mark Seaman

Nothing could be more important

Solving this mystery causes many other things to align

Life's Mystery is simply this, "Who Am I?"

This answer is 7 in 1 - like orange slices

Smaller riddles that fit together

These are solved in parallel with each other

For each of these riddles, there is a correct answer

The answer is unique for each person

Solving these riddles must be authentic to your identity

7 dimensions to our reality

It may take a year to get past platitudes and easy answers but a lifetime to explore these dimensions

Maturity is defined by my understanding of these mysteries

Most of us at one time avoid thinking about these issues because they may bring up intense pain from past experiences. We often choose denial.

Courage to face the truth is a prerequisite to moving toward maturity. Youth is fleeting but immaturity can last forever.

Awareness naturally leads to insight. Ponder these questions and gain the benefits.

Armed with this understanding you can make every decision consistently with who you are.