A Seaman's Poems

From the Edge of Reality


Pure Water

by Mark Seaman

I only drink pure water, mostly.

96% of what I drink is pristine and totally pure, treated, and certified.

Of course I am no absolute purest.

3.7% of what I take in is gray water.

I am careful to limit my consumption of raw sewage to less than 0.27% to protect my health.

I am also careful with my mental health.

I am careful to invest my efforts in meaningful work and relationships, in order to make the world better.

I only allow myself to indulge in amplifying the pain 3.7% of the time.

These activities involve: seething in anger, cowering in fear, wallowing in sadness, and skulking in shame.

I have a hard limit (of 0.27%) on how much time I spent planning murder, adultery, and exploitation.

After all I seek to be mostly pure.