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The Pacifist

As a staunch pacifist I have been wrestling with the idea of when it is OK to kill.

The Ten Commandments say "Thou shalt not kill".  But when we study the ancient Hebrew this is more like, "You should not murder".  Is there a difference?

Every religion has a taboo about killing, but we need to be more specific about precisely falls under the restriction.  I've built this helpful guide to clarify the rules of murder. so that you can make an informed choice.

10 Rules for Qualified Pacifism

  1. It is not murder, if you are defending the lives of the weak and defenseless or yourself. This is called Protection.
  2. It is not murder, when you protect the property of the rich (with net worth at least $1,000,000).  This is Justice.
  3. It is not murder, when you kill the unborn, or elderly who are disabled.  This is Mercy.
  4. It is not murder, when religious leaders say it is necessary.  Killing Arabs and Jews is always permitted based on you religion.  This is being Faithful.
  5. It is not murder, when you act on behalf of a duly appointed government.  This is Heroism.
  6. It is not murder, when you carry a gun and badge. This is Public Service.
  7. It is not murder, when the government is behaving in a way that impinges your personal freedom.  This is Patriotism.
  8. Is is not murder, when the deceased did or said something that upset you. This is Avenging.
  9. It is not murder, when you kill those who will never have a high quality of life: poor, minorities, drug dealers, prostitutes, and LGBT.  This is Pruning.
  10. It is not murder, if you don't get caught or if you can establish reasonable doubt.  This is a Righteous Kill.

This helpful guide will aid you in remaining a pacifist in this dangerous time.  The second amendment guarantees you right to weaponize and this guide will help you navigate the sticky moral and legal implications you face.