A Seaman's Poems

From the Edge of Reality


Optimists Win

by Mark Seaman

The pessimist believes in a future far worse than the past.

The optimist believes that the future holds a promise not yet realized.

All people believe that they are realists who see the future accurately.

I have always had a vivid imagination when predicting the horrors yet to come.

Dark images of Four Horsemen - War, Famine, Disease, and Slavery.

The rich and powerful, feeding on the poor and weak.

But my past defies these dreadful images.

In my lifetime the world has prospered by any possible measure.

The world of today is far healthier than the one I knew as a child.

Prosperity and peace have reigned in ways unimaginable in the 60s.

We live in a time of unreasonable fear and all tempted to buy in and give in.

There are very real threats that we face, but I shall not cower in fear and I shall not lash out in anger.

The optimist sees the demons at work and doesn't look away because the angels are also at work.

Each human is pulled in multiple directions - toward light and dark.

I believe that light will win and so I am an optimist.

I choose to believe that the world will be brighter ten years from now, though we will have setbacks along the way.

The world of the future will yield some of its unrealized promise, yet problems will remain.

I choose hope - I reject fear as a master!

I guess that makes me an optimist.