A Seaman's Poems

From the Edge of Reality


The Old Seaman

by Mark Seaman

The Old Seaman stood on the shore and gazed across the water without really seeing.
Sun shining, palms waving in the warm breeze.

He pondered where life had taken him and the adventures that he had experienced.
He thought about what life had taught him on the way.

From the race horse farms of Kentucky to the sheep farm of Northern Canada,
The cattle ranches of Colorado and South Dakota, where raw steaks are grown.

From the bustling city of Athens, once the birthplace of civilization,
To the Jordanian tombs of Petra, he was witness to the rise and fall of civilizations.

From the parade grounds of Nuremberg to the Roman Forum,
He had visited the birthplace of death and the domination of empires.

But today was not the time for such brooding,
The natural beauty brought his attention to the present.

The mountain of the next island loomed above the clouds.
Whales announced their presence with water spouts before extending their flutes in a friendly wave.

The Old Seaman stood on the shore and reveled at the goodness of life.
Moments of joy and ecstasy.

This moment is to be recorded forever,
A new happy place to be a refuge in times of distress.

The Seaman stared across the water and thought about the future.
He had a tendency toward fear, as an engineer, always looking for problems to solve.

Even in paradise, threat lurks everywhere.
It gnaws at his sense of security and nibbles at his confidence.

Each imagined calamity seems possible and then likely to overtake him.
The four horsemen ride again: Slavery, Famine, Disease, War

The horseman shall not ride on this day. They shall not have this moment.
Perhaps some day tragedy may strike, but today is not that day.

The Seaman turned from the abyss to celebrate the goodness of God.
The darkness is vanquished as quickly as it appeared.

In this place it is easy to imagine a brighter world.