A Seaman's Poems

From the Edge of Reality


View from the Ocean Tower

by Mark Seaman

I gaze across the open water
Wonder in the bright morning light

Green grasses, black rocks, white surf, blue sky
Buddha's statue casts a long shadow

Bright sun calls for a hot day
But the ocean tower is a place of refuge

Dolphins play in the lagoon and make odd noises
Whales form visible spouts not far from shore

From my perch in the tower I can see forever
Perhaps even into tomorrow

The is a moment when time touches eternity
That is now!

From the tower I see the world as it truly is
Or at least from another viewpoint

This tower is a place of refuge
A retreat from the concerns of real life

This is my happy place
Where I flee when life is cruel

From the ocean tower I gaze across the water
And watch as the whales play offshore

Some day I must leave this tower
And enter back into the real world

Just knowing that the ocean tower is there
Lets me know that life is good