A Seaman's Poems

From the Edge of Reality


A Night in Paradise

by Mark Seaman

I can't sleep
The waves are roaring
Making their repeated assault on the lava rock

There are no surfers now
But tomorrow they will appear with the sunrise

Too bad I will not be here to see it
I will be gone before the sun visits this place again

The sun melts into the ocean
As our plane touches the runway

It seems such a brief moment to be in paradise
A quick passing of bliss before the long journey

I should be sleeping to save energy for the long voyage
But the waves call me out

As I peer down from my penthouse suite
I marvel at what I see in the dark

The morning light reveal more
But I will be long gone by then

There are whales slumbering offshore
I know because I have seen then before

The sound of the waves brings joy
My spirit leaps with each crescendo

The sound of the waves brings sadness
There are no waves where I am going

Palms wave in the night breeze
Bidding me on my journey

I would love to stay here and see this place in the light
But it cannot be

This place is just a stopover on a longer journey
A piece of paradise I will carry with me

A part of myself I leave in paradise
Now is a gift received and I am ready to move on

I can mourn that I have just this night
I can celebrate that I have just this night
I will do both

I can't sleep
The waves are roaring