A Seaman's Poems

From the Edge of Reality


I Miss You

by Mark Seaman

I miss your quirky smile.
I miss how you would make others laugh.

I miss how you would brighten a room when you entered.
I miss your crazy comments and your outrageous sense of humor.

I miss the disagreements that we had. 
I miss how we would make up and grow closer in understanding .

I miss your stubbornness and obstinance.
I miss being stubborn and obstinate with you.

I miss our misunderstandings. 
I miss the joy of reaching new levels of understanding with you.

I miss the intimacy of solitude with you. 
I miss knowing what you will say next.

I miss seeing your brokenness and loving you.
I miss you seeing my brokenness and being loved.

I miss the good times we had. 
I miss the bad times we had.

Your life made mine fuller.
Your life made mine richer.
Your life made mine better.

I will never forget what you taught to me.
I will never lose what you gave to me.

I will seek to live a better life with your example.
I will look forward to when we meet again.