A Seaman's Poems

From the Edge of Reality


Go with God

by Mark Seaman

My mind is racing, filled with ideas and anxieties.
Where is the peace that is my foundation?
God's presence is the rock that I long for.
He brings that stability that all crave.
He is the assurance of things hoped for.

At the start of each new day, I discover his presence.
He desires to linger with me throughout the day.
His nearness encourages me.
He calms my heart and gives me passion.
He accompanies me to sleep at night.

Every day brings unexpected difficulties.
But Jesus has seen them coming.
He instructs and guides me to success.
Without his voice be trapped with no escape.
He shows the way through to a life well-lived.

Many voices, many options. Which will it be?
I find peace when I hear God's voice above the dim.
I will choose to pursue him.
The path that I take is the one he marks out for me.
That is the path to the good life.

Suffering is inevitable but giving up is not.
As I stumble along the path, God's mercy is revealed to me.
His grace brings healing and strength.
His strength brings healing and grace.
I find that I am able to continue on.

What lies around the bend?
Jesus knows that fully, but I can only guess.
I cling to the knowledge that God will be with me.
I see my future now ...
With God walking through an unknown place.

Wherever I go, I go with God.