A Seaman's Poems

From the Edge of Reality


Experience is Reality

by Mark Seaman

I've been places, done things, and met people.

This is called experience.

Experience defines reality.

I was born in a specific time and place to particular parents in a unique culture.

These things define my reality.

I went to specific schools where I was taught to think a certain way from my people.

I was punished for violating certain edicts of my culture by parents, teachers, bosses, and peers.

I embraced the sexuality taught by my culture.

I know about family and work and entertainment from growing up in middle-class suburbia in the 1960-70s.

I learned about supernatural things in a context of my culture and age.

I absorbed economics, history, politics, religion, and racism from my culture.

I grew to love some and hate others by watching what normal people did.

And perhaps greatest of all I learned from my unique pain.

... from seething in anger, cowering in fear, wallowing in sadness, and skulking in shame.

My experience in my reality.

It is unique to me out of the other 10 billion humans alive today.

It is unique to me out of the other 48 billion humans who ever walked this planet.

I read about other people, places, and times.

I study other people, places, and times.

But these are overwhelmed by the drama of my experience.

80% of my reality is created by my personal experience, even though it is an infinitesimal part of human experience.

Of course we would not see the same.

We live different lives - we live in different worlds.