A Seaman's Poems

From the Edge of Reality


The Emperor Has Fallen

by Mark Seaman

The Evil Emperor has fallen.

But there is always another. 

There is a Sith Lord in the Senate.

The Trade Federation seeks to control the senate.

It promises prosperity for all in exchange for full control.

The Sith Lord seeks first to control the senate but ultimately the entire galaxy.

The Sith Lord will ultimately be Emperor.

But first he must control the vote.

There are many tools for this

The senate must be controlled first.

Coercion and manipulation and threats of reprisal.

Move and counter-move; the game is afoot.

They masquerade as Republican forces but they fight for the Empire and the fallen Emperor.

The Trade Federation exists to extract wealth from the masses to support the few that deserve it.

The Sith Lord has a sworn duty to protect the corporations and their lords.

In return the Federation has agreed to make the Sith Lord Emperor.

Long live the empire!  Death to the Republic!