A Seaman's Poems

From the Edge of Reality


The Dawn

by Mark Seaman

I am drawn out and lured by beauty.

Who can resist the moonlight glistening off the lake?

The lesser light is still piercing in the darkness.

The full moon edges toward the horizon.

That signals the eminence of the dawn.

It is an omen sent from the gods or Copernicus.

The earth spins and a new day is here.

Geese honk, and ducks quack.

Geese win as they raise their complaints.

The sky in the east lightens to a dark purple.

A few minutes on and the sky turns a deep blue.

I hear the traffic as the world wakens.

It is spring now, but not yet.

In the moonlight I see my breath.

The geese are yelling louder, trying to get my attention.

They must be trying to tell me something I cannot understand.

My face is numb, my ears sting, my fingers tingle.

A heron launches from the shore.

As the world awakens around me I wonder what today will hold.

What joy and what sorrow will I meet?

What triumph and tragedy will befall the world before the next dawn?