A Seaman's Poems

From the Edge of Reality


When Darkness Comes

by Mark Seaman

God, You are My Father
You gave life to every cell in my body
You have guided my life through all my years
You give my life integrity 
A firm foundation to stand on, to build on

When the shaking comes you don’t move
When negative emotions threaten
You bring grace and redemption
* For my Fear You teach Faith
* For my Sadness You teach Hope
* For my Shame You teach Love
* For my Anger You teach Humility

My foundation has integrity
Faith, Hope, Love, Humility are my rock
Fear, Sadness, Shame, Anger yield to grace
Except by Your grace my house would fall
Help me live true

When darkness comes give me sight
Fear, Sadness, Shame, Anger yield to grace
Help me stand in the storm
May Faith, Hope, Love, Humility rule my heart and mind