A Seaman's Poems

From the Edge of Reality


The Beast

by Mark Seaman

The BEAST lurks inside.

I can feel HIM seeking its own way.

Not Thy Will but MINE be done.

The BEAST cares nothing for others.

HE is deaf to the cries of the poor.

His ears are swollen shut with PRIDE - HE can not hear.

White Supremacy, Misogyny, Nationalism make HIS heart swell.

HIS eyes are sharp like a bird of prey.

HE sees every weakness and opportunity to satisfy GREED.

The weak are ready for conquest and consumption.

The BEAST lays a plan with allies and weapons of mass destruction.

FEAR eats HIS soul, ravenous craving that can never be quenched.

HE checks Facebook and Twitter to see what new conspiracies have been launched.

The BEAST longs to follow any Fear-monger.

HE is filled with ANGER and RAGE and HATRED.

How dare they do that, don't they know their place.

Break out the weapons, there will be blood.

The BEAST has stirred, there will never be peace now, only tears.

THE BEAST is the NEW GOD - worship and live.