A Seaman's Poems

From the Edge of Reality


American Jesus

by Mark Seaman

The latest in a long line of false gods...

Jewish Messiah rescues us from the Romans and enforces the rule of the Pharisees

Kingdom of Heaven Jesus obliterates the infidels in the Holy Land

Holy Roman Empire Jesus consolidates the empire and brings us victory and death to the barbarians

Reformation Jesus  defeats the armies of the Pope and brings us Protestants to power

Inquisition Jesus destroys the heretics and their teachings bringing loyalty to the Church

British Imperial Jesus protects our commercial interests world wide, allowing complete cultural domination

Confederate Jesus crusades for States Rights to own slaves and overcome Yankee oppression

Apartheid Jesus gives us the right to oppress others and justifies our prejudice

American Jesus promises abundant life for the faithful and misery for everyone else

Biblical Jesus is so unlike any of these caricatures and mascots for our own glory