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Shaped by Technology

Key Role of Technology

Technology has shaped my entire adult life. It is hard to contemplate what my life would be like apart from it. My entire working career was spent in roles related to computer engineering and most of my hobbies are hosted on computers of one sort or another.

I love gadgets and appreciate superior design in any product, but especially in computer hardware and software. For me technology represents one of the highest forms of creative problem solving.

I love creating software because it is the one domain in which I can create a world where I am in total control of every detail. If I don't like what is happening I can change it to be exactly what I wish for.

Technology also represents my interface to the world. With a computer I can interact with people across the globe and have meaningful collaborations with others that I may seldom meet face-to-face.

Change Over Time

Each decade for the last fifty years has brought a wave of innovation. Each wave built on what existed before but also fundamentally extended the reach of technology into our everyday lives.

Let's look at the large movements of technology throughout the decades from the 80s to the current time. Each decade was centered around several breakthrough products that changed the world. Had any of the these products not been introduced then the history would have been significantly different than it was.

Time Invested

From the time I was 18, I have either been in school or working with computers. This has been the one constant throughout my life. A work life of 40-50 hours/week represents 40-50% of the waking hours. With another investment for hobbies or 10-20 hours weekly, it is easy to claim that I have at least 60% of my life in front of a computer.

Computers are clearly the dominate force in my adult life. For better or worse, my life has been structured around the computer systems. For the most part, it has been a very rewarding experience. I am well-suited to thrive in a world populated by machines. But there are limits to this world and consequences for those who cannot exist without the technology.

Breakthroughs by Decade

To better understand how this technology affects or lives today we need to go back to the early 1980s. We will be touring each decade and looking at the key changes that occurred in order to see the world that exists today. Nothing happens in isolation and everything is connected.

The Personal Computer (1980s)

The Internet (1990s)

The Smart Phone (2000s)

The Mobile Devices (2010s)

The Social Dilemma (2020s)

Now, let's look in detail about each of the development and how they changed the world we live in today.