A Seaman's Journey

Adventures of a Lifetime


Stories To Tell Before I Die

by Mark Seaman

There are many events that have shaped my life.
These stories need to be told and I intend to do that. Looking back on my life I see the extraordinary opportunities to experience things that few others have.

My family background positioned me toward adventure. From a young age my father instilled in me a love of learning and travel that has altered the course of my life.

In every decade, I have witnessed huge changes in the world around me. It has been my privilege to often be on the forefront of the change. I created a software development company, called Shrinking World Solutions, to acknowledge how quickly the world is evolving.

In the last few years change has only accelerated. It will not slow down. Many of the stories that need to be told are an attempt to explain how we got here and to understand how we can best move forward.

When I started to tell my life story I began by creating a "Life Event Map". It is essentially a table of years and events that happened in each year. There are three columns to track: Travel, Work, Family.

Every year something extraordinary and noteworthy happened in my world. I have selected from each year an event that had a significant impact on my life. Rather than a chronological history I have sought to capture the emotions of the moment in each story.

We are all changed by what we experience. But perhaps even more than the experience itself, is the meaning that we assign to it. We can all remember key events where vows were made that would alter the rest of our lives. Those are the stories that I have sought to convey.

1960s - Childhood

1970s - Teen Years

1980s - Becoming Adult

1990s - Family Years

2000s - Mid-life

2010s - Aging

2020s - Old Age