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Season of Youth

Seasons of Life

There are four major seasons of life. Each of these have fundamentally different challenges and opportunities. The season is inevitable because our lives are not static but constantly changing.

As life changes, so do all of the details that affect our daily living. Just as the weather patterns change in predictable ways, our experience will follow predictable patterns. These seasons of life must be understood in order to adapt properly to them.

Read the article entitled Seasons of Life" to get a general overview.

Spring Season  - Youth (ages 0-20)

The first two decades we experience rapid change that will shape the rest of our lives.  The first decade is our childhood which teaches us about the world our parents can from.  The second decade is where we must push beyond the understanding from our parents to form our own unique identity.

Childhood is built around the programming of our parents and teachers.  They have desires for our lives, for better or worse.  We are born into a world that we did not create and have little influence over it.  Our childhood is largely shaped by the choices of others. We live in our parent's world.

During our teen years we must learn to live a life separate from our parents.  There must be a gradual and often painful transition between the identity that we inherit from our parents to one which is forged in the school of hard knocks. Every child must rebuild their identity before they can become an adult.

This is a painful process for both the parent and child, because it must involve conflict.  Everything is at stake and tensions run high.  Many parents are uncomfortable with conflict create an atmosphere of denial.  Other parents seek to reassert their dominance over the decisions of their children.  This can undermine the progress toward establishing an independent identity for the child and cost years of delay in becoming a happy adult.

Both the childhood and teen years are crucial in shaping a healthy identity.  This process is never perfect and there are always lingering failures and regrets that cause problems later.  For both parent and child, it is important to work through the forgiveness of wounds resulting from the transition.  We must recognize that this is a key part of being human and that we can move forward no matter what has happened in the past.

Quest for Belonging

Each season of life is governed by a primary quest, which represents deep questions of meaning.  Both children and teen are consumed by one big question with other more detailed questions attached.

The Quest for Belonging is a journey that starts at birth and continues until this question is fully answered. This is not an easy thing and for most people and will require about twenty years.

During childhood we are told by parents and teachers who we are and how we fit in the world. But as teens we must reevaluate this identity and reassess the truths that have been given to us by others.

It is not until after we have reforged a working identity that we can fully enjoy adult life. For some, this doesn't happen until they are well into their thirties causing significant problems in their lives.

Discovery of Self

The Quest for Belonging is a journey of self-discovery leading to self-awareness. Only by learning who I am can I be ready to understand how I fit into the world around me.

Experiencing love is an essential part of this journey because it give us courage to face the hard truths about themselves. Children without loving parent are often delayed in understanding who they are and how they fit in.

Our beliefs and values are largely set during the season of youth. Our life experiences and the meaning that we assign to the events shape us in ways we are mostly unaware of. Lies we believe can create a false identity that plagues us for decades.

The goals that we have for our lives flow directly from our beliefs and values. Our values drive what goals we pursue and our beliefs inform the strategy we use to get them.


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Quest Goals

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