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Ghosts of the Fairgrounds

I stood on the fairgrounds in the morning sun.  It was a hot day in July , but I was shivering.  Not from cold, but from the presence of evil that still lurks in this place.  Ghosts ... lots of them.

There is no physical place on earth that embodies the pain and suffering of pure evil like this place.  I cannot imagine a greater place for the evil spirits to gather than the fairgrounds of Nuremberg.    The meeting place of the Sanhedrin under Caiaphas, where the assassination of Jesus was plotted, would qualify except that it was totally destroyed by the Emperor Titus.  There is no better place to stand and contemplate how evil planted in the hearts of men threatens to destroy the world.

These fairgrounds were both a symbol of the Nazi regime and a tool for building the social enthusiasm for world conquest. The fairgrounds at Nuremberg are completely empty now, but not that long ago were filled with exuberant Nazis screaming for blood.   

It was here that annual Nazi festival took place.   Each year the festival would get larger and more extreme. First it was focused on worker rising up and making Germany Great Again, but soon there were thousands of soldiers captured in the social media of their time.

It took years for Adolph Hitler to consolidate power.  In 1923 he failed in a coupe to  gain power and was imprisoned.  Here he laid out his plan for how to take over Germany and ultimately dominate Europe and eventually the world.  By 1932 the Nazi party had the most seats within the Congress.  In 1933 Hitler became Chancellor (Chief of Treasury) and the next year Führer.

From 1927 to 1938, Nuremberg became the site of massive Nazi party rallies.  The Nazis began work on the world's largest stadium to accommodate the huge numbers of participants at the annual festivals.  The stadium could hold 400,000 raving Nazis, but was never finished because of the outbreak of the war.

After Hitler took over the government, the fairgrounds became the film location for propaganda films that were required viewing in all the schools in Germany and Austria.  People would come from all over Germany to attend the festival, but everyone in the country would watch the propaganda films.

The social support for the war was essential and his tool to rally support was the annual Nazi festival. This would ultimately affect everyone on earth in profound ways.  It was here on the fairgrounds of Nuremberg that the death spiral began. Hitler was able to gain widespread support for his evil plans amongst regular decent people.

Here, the events set in motion would mark the end of the world.  Out of the ashes a new world would be formed, but there were 75 million people that would never see it. The evil begun here would create suffering that exceeded anything the world has ever seen.

In the morning sun I was crying openly and unashamed.  My heart was broken for the needless death and the ghosts that still lingered here.