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A Seaman's Journey

Adventures of a Lifetime

by Mark Seaman

Humans Tell Stories Story telling is fundamental to the human experience. Stories are intended to impact both the intellect and the emotions. Stories call people to take action because behavior is controlled by our emotions. We can all relate to the feeling of knowing what we must do but feeling powerless to do it for lack of motivation. Once the emotions are stirred then we find the will to do what is needed. Feelings are the fire that drives the engine. We like to believe that humans are rational beings that emote, but in reality we are emotional beings that rationalize. Emotions always drive behavior, and the intellect attempts to come up with a decent rationalization. A great story motivates and guides by engaging both the heart and the head. While the intellect may guide us in the right direction, it is necessary to touch the emotions to get us to move.

A Seaman's Quest

One man's search for truth

by Mark Seaman

After a lifetime of trying to find meaning in life I finally feel ready to share what I've learned. Why do I exist?  This is the question that I have grappled with for decades.  Early on, I knew that there must be some higher purpose for my existence.  In my teen years, I embraced easy and trite answers that others told me were true. But these simple answers to my life purpose never seemed complete and left me wanting  a much fuller explanation.  Over the five decades since I have toyed with many explanations before settling on the one you will read about here.  After actively seeking for the meaning of life I believe that I now understand some truths  well enough to share with others. The is a record of my journey of personal understanding.  It is a long time in the making.  I started my journey seeking enlightenment at age 13, and at age 60 finally had the breakthrough that I had been seeking most of my life. 

A Seaman's Poems

From the Edge of Reality

by Mark Seaman

What is poetry?  While prose seeks to enlighten, poetry seeks to inspire.  Authors speak the language of the head, but poets speak the language of the heart and the gut.  Words of logic are no match for words of passion. Two views of reality ... one of the waking world ... one of the dream world. The world is filled with issues of politics, economics, survival, and conflict. In this domain the laws of science rule.  Cause and Effect, Quantum Mechanics, and Entropy.  Logic is king and every problem has a solution. But there is another reality. When we sleep we enter another reality where spirits move. This reality is driven by emotion and instinct.  It is impossible to look at straight on.  But it is always in our peripheral vision.  It is the domain of ecstasy and terror.  It is the reason to live,  yet this world threatens our sanity if unaware or obsessed with it.


Seaman's Log

Big Ideas & Deep Thoughts

by Mark Seaman

I am writing daily for a number of different publishing venues. This blog provides you will a sampling of the content that I am writing. Each day I will publish a snippet of content from one of the websites that I have created. A short sample message will be followed with a hyperlink to read the full article in detail. This is a great way to see what I am working on without being swamped with information in your inbox. The messages can easily be retweeted or posted on other social media.

Daily Meditations

Scripture and Prayers for Each Day

by Mark Seaman

Daily selections of scripture and prayer. Time Alone with God is the most worthwhile endeavor possible. But it is often neglected as our time is filled with busy activities. Daily Meditations gives you some resources to make your time more enjoyable, inspiring, and meaningful. Each day presents you with some scriptures to meditate on and a prayer to apply the truth to your life today.